Ambient Music New — A New App, With A New Video Plugin

I have a new app, called Ambient Music New: If you want to listen to non-intrusive music while you do something else, this Android app is for you. (See the description below.) From the programmer’s point of view, there are two enhancements to brag about. My plugin called DS_awlProOperaMusic … Continue reading

From Kindle Ebooks to Android Apps — Case Study of Six Ebooks of Mine

Currently I have 17 apps published in Dusko Savic Google Play account. Six out of these 17 titles already live their electronic lives in Kindle store. Just as a point of reference here are the links so the you can compare the app versions against the Kindle versions: Kindle account … Continue reading

In Order To produce iPhone Apps Do I Have To Have All Apple Equipment?

This entry is part of 6 in the series Website Policies

This entry is part of 6 in the series Website PoliciesHere is a question that appears quite often on forums: In order to produce iPhone apps do i have to have all Apple equipment? Do i have to have an iPhone? Do i have to have a Mac? Do i … Continue reading