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Gastritis Help App Available Both in Google Play and App Store

Try to relieve gastritis by using alternative medicine methods from this app. Would you like to relieve stomach pain, gain confidence, relax, have control of your life again and achieve your work duties and social goals! YouTube Direct You can … Continue reading

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List Of My Services and Prices

Here is a list of my services and prices, mainly for apps but a few related areas as well Turn your Kindle ebook into an Android app You have already published a Kindle ebook, it is live in the Amazon … Continue reading

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Ambient Music New — A New App, With A New Video Plugin

I have a new app, called Ambient Music New: If you want to listen to non-intrusive music while you do something else, this Android app is for you. (See the description below.) From the programmer’s point of view, there … Continue reading

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How to Change the Color of Text in Action Bar for Android

Up to now, the color of the navbar text was always the same in all Buzztouch apps for Android. In this document, you will see how to change the text to one or more colors. This will be the result … Continue reading

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What Your Site Can Do To Promote Your Apps Business

This is a short guide and reminder on how to use a site to promote your apps business. 1) Just a bit more general remark here. Whatever you do, do with from the security stand point of view. Always have … Continue reading

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Rihanna Lyrics Complete Free Android App Download the ┬áRihanna Lyrics Complete Android app from the link above. Lyrics for all Rihanna songs from Music of the Sun in 2005 to Unpologetic in 2012, plus 35-odd singles. In addition, you will be able to download ringtones … Continue reading

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