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Upgrade Your Old App To iOS 11

Upgrade your existing app to iOS 11 if you want it to survive! If you app is 32-bit, say, made in 2014 or 2015, chances are, Apple will stop showing them in the App Store. The existing customer will be … Continue reading

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Mysterious pngcrush caught libpng error:

From time to time, you may get a mysterious error in Xcode: pngcrush caught libpng error: Something like the image below: The explanation Compress PNG Files Error will just confuse you. Xcode 9 will compile the code and run the … Continue reading

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Three Hidden Costs You Will Pay To Upgrade Your Apps to iOS 11

Every year Apple releases a new version iOS and if you have apps in the App Store, you need to upgrade them. In several previous versions, the penalty for not upgrading the apps to the latest version of iOS was … Continue reading

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How to Install a CocoaPod – Xcode 9 – Swift 4 – SendBirdSDK

To install a SendBird pod, go to here and download the pod. Copy it to the folder where you app is and then go to that folder: cd “/Users/duskosavic/Documents/apps/Cole/iMedic Flash Cards/imedicflashcards_iOS_BTv4.0.3” In my case, one od the intermedidate folders contains … Continue reading

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