Upgrade Your Old App To iOS 11

Upgrade your existing app to iOS 11 if you want it to survive!

If you app is 32-bit, say, made in 2014 or 2015, chances are, Apple will stop showing them in the App Store. The existing customer will be able to use them but there will no new downloads — and without downloads, there will be no more fresh money from the app.

The solution is to let me upgrade, develop and maintain your old app. If your old developer is not available any more, or not interested, give me the source code of your app and access as an admin to your account, and watch the magic happen. Within a couple of weeks, your app will be as good as new. If you want the app to modernized, upgraded, and up to the level of what customers will expect in 2018, now is the time to react.

Case study — four apps upgraded to iOS 11 within six weeks

The need to upgrade these four apps was quite obvious. Two of them acted as free samples for the other two, that were avalaible only as paid apps. On October 5th 2017 Apple issued the ultimatum — either upgrade them to iOS 11 or else there will be no new downloads, as the apps would be invisible in the store.

Previous versions of these apps were published mainly in 2014 and 2015 and were never upgraded since. This means the company did not pay for any improvements since then and the apps were generating free money. The need to pay the developer to upgrade the apps was painfully obvious: the pay the developer once and the apps continue to make money on autopilot for another several years to come. The apps were creating profit before the upgrade and will continue to do so after the upgrade.

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