Gastritis Help App Available Both in Google Play and App Store

Try to relieve gastritis by using alternative medicine methods from this app. Would you like to relieve stomach pain, gain confidence, relax, have control of your life again and achieve your work duties and social goals! YouTube Direct You can download an iOS Gastritis Help from App Store or an Android version from Google Play. With this app, we have compiled ancient remedies for gastritis. We give you only the successful ones. Here is…

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List Of My Services and Prices

Here is a list of my services and prices, mainly for apps but a few related areas as well Turn your Kindle ebook into an Android app You have already published a Kindle ebook, it is live in the Amazon Kindle store and you have all the files you used to publish it there.  That is a start for me and we should decide what is the purpose of that app. Some ideas: cross…

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Porting Kindle Ebooks To Google Play and App Stores, in English and Chinese

I have successfully ported my own Kindle books to apps and I have done that for other publishers. Here is an example of my work for another publisher, for Android:…   and here is the same account in the App Store:…/numerical…/id1063163615…   Here is the book that the apps were ported from, in the Kindle store:…/dp/B00IDW25PA/ref=sr_1_1…     Problems in Porting Kindle Ebooks to Android and iPhone / iPad Apps I…

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Ambient Music New — A New App, With A New Video Plugin

I have a new app, called Ambient Music New: If you want to listen to non-intrusive music while you do something else, this Android app is for you. (See the description below.) From the programmer’s point of view, there are two enhancements to brag about. My plugin called DS_awlProOperaMusic is based on CM_awlPro from the plugin market, however, it adds the — ability to listen to the entire playlist with one tap of…

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How To Convert an Existing App From iOS to Android

Would it be difficult to convert and existing BT app from iOS to Android? Both yes and no. If you have been using only plugins that are available for both platforms, chances are that you will not have many problems in converting. If you have been using plugins that exist only for iOS, then oh well, yeah, of course, right… … … you will have MANY problems in converting from iOS to Android. Some…

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Button Ads — Run Your Own House Ads Without Google

There will be times when all you want is to show your own ads, no Google, no AdMob, no nothing. One solution is to run “button ads” — I called them so because, technically, they run as buttons. Yyou get to set up your own ad text and link for the destination web page. Here is an example of the button ad running in my app Musica Italiana Napoletana. (You may want to click…

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How to Change the Color of Text in Action Bar for Android

Up to now, the color of the navbar text was always the same in all Buzztouch apps for Android. In this document, you will see how to change the text to one or more colors. This will be the result of our coding: The version used here is Buzztouch Android 3.0, with fragments. To change the color of text in action bar for Android, find the following line in file if (actionBar !=…

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How To Install Facebook App On an Adroid Emulator

I want to install Facebook app on Android emulator / simulator to be able to test new plugins that I write. Searching for phrase “install facebook app android emulator” I decided to listen to this source of knowledge: After clicking on this link, I agreed to become a Facebook developer. Then I gave a name to the app that I will be making, it gave a Facebook app ID, and then I downloaded…

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27 Alternative App Stores for Android Apps

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Apps Marketing

  Amazon App Store AndAppOnline AndroidPit App Center Appland Appslib Mall Getjar SnappCloud F-Droid Mobango Mobile9 Moborobo Opera Mobile Store AppTown Pdassi Apptoide SlideME Anzhi Appchina Games Center gFan HiAPK N-Duo Market PandaApp Taobao App Market Tencent App Gem Yandex

Rihanna Lyrics Complete Free Android App Download the  Rihanna Lyrics Complete Android app from the link above. Lyrics for all Rihanna songs from Music of the Sun in 2005 to Unpologetic in 2012, plus 35-odd singles. In addition, you will be able to download ringtones of Rihanna’s, should you want to. This is a free app, so it is supported by occasional ads. The purpose of this app is to gather all Rihanna lyrics and it contains no pictures…

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Change In Google Play Policy from 23rd of August 2013 — Third Party Ads Through Push Notifications Are Now Forbidden

This change in Google Play Policy from 23rd Aug 2013 means that push notification from the outside sources are not allowed any more, only from within the app. You may send your users notifications on your own, it is only that third party ads through push are forbidden. That is why tapcontext say that you should show the interstitial ads first when the app loads and that you should also send notifications of type…

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How To Run Your Android App On Your Hardware Device from Eclipse and DDMS

For Android and for your particular hardware device, you may have to download and install some kind of a driver. I know my HTC Wildfire S was virtually ignored by the computer (Windows XP) until I installed the corresponding driver. You may not have this problem if you are using devices that fit more naturaly, such as using Google devices to develop for. Once you connect your device to Eclipse, pay attention to the…

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iPhone and Android Apps Are Now Required to Have Privacy Policies

Major app makers and distributors are now forced to have privacy policy for their apps. Here is what had to say about it: The makers of the most widely used mobile app stores have agreed to comply with a California law requiring mobile apps that collect personal information to have a privacy policy. California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced the agreement today with Apple and Google, which run the two most popular mobile…

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Links for How To Build An Android App

Introduction how to install the Eclipse and Android system.  Introduction to Android programming. Further examples of programming for Anroid.  How to open sample projects in Eclipse for Android. How to import sample Android projects to Eclipse Google Android tutorial part 1 – Conway’s Game of Life unexpected error happened android error uploading Get Started Developing For Android With Eclipse, Reloaded