How To Install Facebook App On an Adroid Emulator

I want to install Facebook app on Android emulator / simulator to be able to test new plugins that I write. Searching for phrase “install facebook app android emulator” I decided to listen to this source of knowledge:

After clicking on this link, I agreed to become a Facebook developer. Then I gave a name to the app that I will be making, it gave a Facebook app ID, and then I downloaded the Facebook SDK. The file was called facebook-android-sdk-3.21.1,

Facebook installed on Android emulator
Install Facebook application into a running android emulator, from a Terminal (CMD) screen

then I also downloaded the version for the emulator. It is called and will actually contain only one file, Facebook-11.apk. And voila!, I have Facebook app on my emulator!

Android emulator can run Facebook app
Facebook App Starting

I’ve got Facebook app running on my emulator. It is not running very smoothly, or not running at all sometimes, but still, this is what I wanted and this is what I’ve got.

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