List Of My Services and Prices

Here is a list of my services and prices, mainly for apps but a few related areas as well Turn your Kindle ebook into an Android app You have already published a Kindle ebook, it is live in the Amazon Kindle store and you have all the files you used to publish it there.  That is a start for me and we should decide what is the purpose of that app. Some ideas: cross…

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Button Ads — Run Your Own House Ads Without Google

There will be times when all you want is to show your own ads, no Google, no AdMob, no nothing. One solution is to run “button ads” — I called them so because, technically, they run as buttons. Yyou get to set up your own ad text and link for the destination web page. Here is an example of the button ad running in my app Musica Italiana Napoletana. (You may want to click…

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YouTube Video Marketing For Your New Android App

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If you want a free channel of marketing for your new app, you should publish a video about the app. It is easy to make one such video, perhaps by combining the screenshots from your app, by paying someone on Fiverr to do it and so on. Once the video is published, you should add a link to the description of the video, pointing to the app in the store so that people who…

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