List Of My Services and Prices

Here is a list of my services and prices, mainly for apps but a few related areas as well

Turn your Kindle ebook into an Android app

You have already published a Kindle ebook, it is live in the Amazon Kindle store and you have all the files you used to publish it there.  That is a start for me and we should decide what is the purpose of that app. Some ideas:

cross promotion with your other apps and sites,
promotion of your Kindle ebooks,
monetisation through ads in the app,
forming an email list etc.

The price for this kind of service starts at $300 for Android but the final price can be greate, depending on what else needs to be done to make the app useful.

Turn your Kindle ebook into an iOS app

Similar to previous, starts at $300 and up.

Turn your Kindle ebook into both an Android and iOS app

I can derive apps for both Android and iOS from one kernel so ordering both at the same time can be somewhat cheaper than just a double price for one platform.

Please note that this does not mean that for $600 you can have two finished apps. There are other costs to incur, maybe a new piece of software needs to be written to accommodate the requirements of your app, the app may need new graphic design, it also needs to be submitted to the stores, which costs extra and so on.

Create a showcase app for you and your company — turn your site into an app

Yeah, sites can be “mobile” but the only real thing is an app designed for that kind of device, in the native language of the device.  In this “site to app” service, I’d take most of the content from your site and make it available on the device. When you publish a new article on your blog, it should appear automatically in the app.

Prices for this kind of service start at $500.

Create a professional app for you

Like the previous, but enriched with live RSS feeds, direct posting to Twitter and Facebook from the app, YouTube videos, your blog, search within the app, live accounts within the app (register, forget password etc.) and so on. The price would start at $900.

Create a large, new, original, one of a kind app for you

You have a great new idea, a new angle on an old idea, whatever. You will probably also want everything in the “professional” app and more. Prices for this kind of originality start at $3000 per app per platform.

Create a back end plugin in PHP for the plugins for Android and iOS

If the plugin needs to access data on the server, add another $300 to the mix. So, for example, plugins for both Android and iOS accessing the same database through PHP, would cost $$300 + $200 + $300 = $800.

Publish your Android app to your account in the Google Play Store

Once the app is finished and you agree that it is all you wanted it to be (under the circumstances and for the money involved), the app needs to be published in the store. There are two store of general interest, Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone / iPad. To get a finished app published in the requires a manual procedure that spans a couple of hours of work — running the app, testing it, catching graphics from the app, entering description and other details in the store, creating appropriate icons and uploading them to the store, creating a new version of the app and so on. It tends to be an invisible part of app creation, but sometimes can take a lot of time and the stores are getting tougher all the time.

Frequently, that includes the need to repeat parts of the process and if the app was rejected, figuring out why and how to mend it — and then go through all of the steps of uploading it to the store AGAIN. So it has to be paid as many hours can be spent in that, rather unproductive way.

The price per submission starts at $100.

Publish your iOS app to the App Store

More or less the same as above.

Publishing ebooks to Amazon Kindle store

Kindle ebooks are not apps but share many of the similar steps in the process of preparation and publishing. Prices for this start at $300.

Publishing paper books on CreateSpace (Amazon)

Ideally, you already have a Kindle ebook ready and you want to offer it in paper. The prices for this also start at $300.

Create a WordPress site for your apps business

Another time consuming set of tasks. Prices start at $300.

Create promotional videos for your app

This is optional in theory, but very much needed these days. Visitors of app stores are getting pickier than ever and want to see the video before downloading anything. For Androd, the video can be a couple of minutes long and the rules are not so strict. The video will reside on YouTube and may serve as a generator of traffic in itself.

For the App Store, the video resides on Apple servers and must be no longer than 30 seconds, and the rules are stricter than for a general YouTube video.

YouTube Marketing for your apps, sites, ebooks etc.

While Apple is somewhat strict about their apps promotional videos, there’s nothing to stop you from making a promotional video or two and put on YouTube. The price for this starts at $200.

Email marketing for your apps

The money is in the list, remains as true as always. While it is not much of a problem to put a form to gather the email address into the app, the real power of email marketing lies in email autoresponders, which will send your predefined selling messages to the owners of those email addresses. The only way to be efficient with autoresponders is to use a paid service and to set it up, takes time and that is what you would be paying under this service on this site. The prices start at $200.

Create AdMob ads in your app

One way to monetize your app is to use ads. To really make money with ads, you should have a very popular app, however, you will get some money in every case you implement ads. Technically, putting ads into the app is sometimes easy and sometimes not, depending on many things. If it’s bound to consume my time, it must be a paid service and the prices start at $200 (but what this really entails must be agreed upon on the spot, for each particular app.).


Hosting with an Internet provider

If you already have your own domain / site, that can do. The hosting service must support PHP, MySQL cPanel, HTML, Apache and so on, but most hosting services will do that already (if its not a Windows server). You will pay monthly to the hosting provider, depending on the type of account, you will pay from 10-odd buck up to $50 or $97 per month.


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