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Flutter BLoC Example and Data Connection Checker Plugin

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Developing Flutter Apps with BLoC Pattern

Flutter BLoC Example for Checking Data Connectivity Checking whether there is Internet connection at any given time is a hallmark of a professionally crafted Flutter app. Here is a Flutter BLoC example using a well known DataConnectionChecker plugin. In What … Continue reading

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How I Wrote “Object-Oriented Programming With Smalltalk/V”

The era of object-oriented programming began some time in mid 1980s. New languages started to appear and one them, Smalltalk, began to be available on the then ubiquitious PC. Smalltalk/V was the version for DOS. It offered a rich set … Continue reading

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Ambient Music New — A New App, With A New Video Plugin

I have a new app, called Ambient Music New: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ambientmusicnew If you want to listen to non-intrusive music while you do something else, this Android app is for you. (See the description below.) From the programmer’s point of view, there … Continue reading

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How To Hire A Programmer For a New Plugin

There does not seem to be any part of these forums specially devoted to hiring a programmer, you just publish it and it appears on the top of all threads. That should be sufficient for the possibly interested programmer to … Continue reading

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Best CMS To Have Members, Forum and Chat

What would be the best software to build a site with members, forums and chat? Here is my answer. You have many options and here I will outline just a few. 1) Use WordPress It is the most popular CMS … Continue reading

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