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List Of My Services and Prices

Here is a list of my services and prices, mainly for apps but a few related areas as well Turn your Kindle ebook into an Android app You have already published a Kindle ebook, it is live in the Amazon … Continue reading

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Ambient Music New — A New App, With A New Video Plugin

I have a new app, called Ambient Music New: If you want to listen to non-intrusive music while you do something else, this Android app is for you. (See the description below.) From the programmer’s point of view, there … Continue reading

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Button Ads — Run Your Own House Ads Without Google

There will be times when all you want is to show your own ads, no Google, no AdMob, no nothing. One solution is to run “button ads” — I called them so because, technically, they run as buttons. Yyou get … Continue reading

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Improving Click-through Rate for Banners in Your App

There were 12,000+ banner requests at one app but nobody clicked on a banner. How to improve this situation? Here is my answer. It must be improved, or you are out of the business. 1) Are the ads that are … Continue reading

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The Right Way of Monetizing Your App: Content First, Interactivity Second, Personalizing Third, and Only Then Monetization

Someone’s app was rejected from Apple on the grounds of 2.12 and 10.6. To Apple, the app was not very useful because it was taking its content from the web server, and it also used buttons that were not Apple-like, … Continue reading

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RevMob Review – How Carter Thomas is Pulling In $125 eCPM With RevMob

Mobile App Monetization – How I’m Pulling In $125 eCPM by Carter Thomas “It’s money that matters.” – Randy Newman The secret’s out – it’s not easy to make money with apps. Everyone who’s on this blog at some point … Continue reading

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