Android and iOS Mobile Apps To Acquire User Data On Remote Locations

Maybe you are a field technician and repair home appliances, or upgrade cable network hardware, or do gardening on the spot of client’s yard… You will need a mobile app to gather the following data:

— client data, such as name, address, type of repair, the date and time,

— GPS location of where it happens,

— take phots / images on the spot and send it to the server as a proof of repair, transaction etc.

— send codes for “I have arrived”, “I am leaving”, “Repair done”

— receive network information such as the state of system in general (in case of repairing home TV set up, whether the signal is being emitted or not),

— where do I go next — what is my next assignment and are there any changes in the schedule?

All this has to tie in into a larger database of clients and events on the server side and there must be a set of apps running on the server that take care of the database, messages etc.

In larger organizations, the mobile app will have to just receive the signals and send data from the premises. In case you do not have the server side yet, we can work to provide you both with a server database and the mobile apps. The server would need an interface, a kind of a membership site where a few people are the admins and others become members by registering and logging into the apps on the devices.


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