YouTube Video Marketing For Your New Android App

If you want a free channel of marketing for your new app, you should publish a video about the app. It is easy to make one such video, perhaps by combining the screenshots from your app, by paying someone on Fiverr to do it and so on.

Once the video is published, you should add a link to the description of the video, pointing to the app in the store so that people who see the video can easily download it.

Here is a link to a simple video I did for my Android app, called Rihanna Lyrics Complete:

In the following image, the red arrow shows the link.

Show the position of the link towards the app in the app store

The red arrow shows where the link is, in the description of the video.

SEO Optimizaton of the YouTube Video For Rihanna Lyrics Complete

There is some SEO optimization going on — I put the words “Android app” into the title so that someone who searches for an Android app for Rihanna can find it a bit easier. There are a lot of keywords about Rihanna underlying the video, but of course, the visitor cannot see them when watching the video.

In the following image, the red arrow shows where the link to the app store goes when editing the video in video manager of your channel. The blue circle shows the keywords used for SEO optimization of the video.


SEO optimization of the YouTube video, by adding the link to the app store and the SO keywords.

The red arrow shows where to put the link to the app store, while editing the video in video manager of your YouTube channel. The blue circle contains the keywords for SEO optimization of the video.

Show the Video in the Google Play Listing

I also put the address of the video into the Google Play store listing, so people can see in advance what the app looks and feels like, before the downloading. They may not like what they see so they do not download it and that is fine — it cuts down the number of negative reviews.

Play store listing takes the video from the YouTube and makes it watchable directly on the site.

How the video from YouTube shows in the Google Play store listing.

Once you click on the image of the video, it gets shows directly on over the store listing, as this picture shows.

YouTube video running in the Play store

A video from YouTube running directly over the Play store listing, so that the visitor can immediately see whether the app is for them or not.

The very name of the video is also chosen in accordance to the more popular keywords about Rihanna. If you see people searching for something at Google and do not find an app for that in the store, you are more than welcome to create one. If you have an app in the store and the keywords used all over are right, Google will easily show you in the SERPs (search engine results pages), increasing the number of downloads of an app.

So, does this work?

It seems it does. Here is the screen shot of Google listing for keyword “rihanna lyrics app”:

The video for an app is ranked No. 6.

All the entries in the listing are from the Google Play store, pointing directly to the apps there. No. 6 is my video, from YouTube. Of course, I’d prefer that the entry directly to my app in the store is shown, but this course is about marketing a new app, so for now, I’d be quite content to have any kind of link to my stuff, videos or not.

Where Did the Keywords Come From?

I use two pieces of software for keyword analysis, Micro Niche Finder as well as Market Samurai. Both are excellent, always fresh and accomodating to their main source of information, Google. Here is what Market Samurai had to say about “Rihanna lyrics”:

More than 450 searche of Rihanna lyrics per day is a lot of searches.

Rihanna lyrics gets 457 searches PER DAY.

We also see that Market Samurai has selected 27 additional keywords according to its Golden Rules, which might make a good page on the site or in an app — OR — might make a good title for a new video which would link to your app.

If you want to make an app and are not quite sure whether there is demand for it, you may ask me to do the preliminary SEO research for you.

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