From Kindle Ebooks to Android Apps — Case Study of Six Ebooks of Mine

Currently I have 17 apps published in Dusko Savic Google Play account. Six out of these 17 titles already live their electronic lives in Kindle store. Just as a point of reference here are the links so the you can compare the app versions against the Kindle versions:

Kindle account Play store
1) Homepathic Remedies for Teething in Kindle store Teething
2) Cure Acute Otitis Media and Glue Ear Without Antibiotics and Save Your Child From Adenoidectomy Cure Otitis Media
3) Eczema in Children: Short Guide To Efficient Treatment Eczema In Children
4) Perfect Food For Your Child Perfect Food
5) Perfect Diet: Turn Your Obese Child into an Agile, Joyful, Well Balanced, and Calm Minded Kid Perfect Diet
6) Homeopathic Remedies for Baby Colics Baby Colics

I described here how I developed software to turn Kindle HTML files into apps, literally under one minute per conversion. In total, it takes under one hour from receiving a HTML file to have it published in the Play store, provided everything else is in place.

If you are interested in this kind of conversion, contact me here.

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