What Your Site Can Do To Promote Your Apps Business

This is a short guide and reminder on how to use a site to promote your apps business.

1) Just a bit more general remark here. Whatever you do, do with from the security stand point of view. Always have the latest versions of the software you use.

2) The home page of the site should be reserved, well, for the site itself. You should put WordPress or Joomla there and explain people what you do. If it is a .biz or a .com site,  people will think you mean business or have something commercially to offer. Even if you have only published one app so far, it still pay handsomely to treat this venture as a real business from the very start.

3) Related to 2). Let your site be a showcase of your apps, your willingness to work with others on their own apps, for the services that you are going to provide and so on.

4) You should also have a contact page, Twitter and YouTube accounts and a fan page on Facebook. Publish their links prominently on each page of the site. Each app of yours can also have its own fan page on the Facebook.

5) The more videos you have on YouTube, the better. Also publish the videos in your blog posts so that the visitors can see in advance what kind of business they can do with you. Each video should have link towards the app in the app store, so that they download the app right away.

6) You have a site now, treat it as a magnet for visitors that should be interested in what you do. At the very least, whenever you publish an app, make a post on the blog of the site, with links, videos and all. Make the ultimate benefit of the app reflect in the title of the post about the app.

7) Each app should have a link to your contact page so that people can send you messages, offer you a job or whatever.

8) Create a mobile version of the site. On WordPress or Joomla that should be as easy as picking a good plugin or extension.

9) Create a QR code for everything, the site, the apps, everything. Let people find you in that way too. Not many will use the QR codes, but still, someone will. Then put the codes on your Facebook fan page.

10) You are in the apps business so create an app that mirrors the site and showcases what you do. Use the material that you have from the site and other apps that you have published and put it in one app. Treat that app as an ongoing salesman. When someone becomes interested in what you do, point them to your app, not to your site. But in the app, teach them what your services can do for them, do not just put links for apps and downloads.

11) Put up an entry form and gather email addresses from the visitors so that you can use email marketing later. This will be the most important function of your site, to remain in contact with the visitors that visited the site only once. Offer them some kind of goodies to download in exchange for the email address and let them unsubscribe easily if they want to.

Some people will only be interested in a new app that you are about to produce, so create a special email list for just that purpose in mind. When you publish the app, send them the email and the downloads will start right away.

12) Create page on the site with only the links to the already published apps of yours. Call it Our Apps At a Glance, a Catalogue of Our Apps or something similar and update it when a new app is published.

13) Put a list of all your apps into each eapp that you are producing, as well as the link to the site. Since you are already having a mobile version of the site, it will show well on mobile devices.

14) When you publish a new app, make it so that it is automatically shown in the list of apps in all of your apps. Apps have a unique ability to advertise themselves. The more apps you have, the bigger you own little inhouse advertising capability is.

15) When you publish a new app, let it appear as the first screen in all of your apps for a day or so. The downloads of the new app will just soar right from the start.

This so good advice that I will now turn it into a to do list and start implementing the missing pieces right away, for this site, DuskoSavic.com!

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