Every Business Needs an Employee App

If your company has several employees or — even better — if it has dozens and hundreds of employees, you will need to have a special “employee” app. A typical employee app will have this as the main menu:

— policies and procedures,

— staff directory,

— benefits

— welness and safety,

— general manager news,

— team member news,

— calendar,

— schedules,

— alerts and notifications.

Employee Admin And the Back Door

The employee app is a member-only app, and the login details are defined by the management of the company. There must be a way to enter the login details for each employee manually and there also must be a way to enter a batch of login details together with the employee names. The management of the company should appoint one or more administrators which will act as admins. They will have their own login details and will be able to enter the data both through an app as well as through a web-based interface.

The employee app has its own server and a database behind it. The employee admin logs in into the web-based portal and can enter new records, delete the existing ones, view them, or perform batch operations on data. There may be several employee admins and each has his or her own set of data to work with.

If the company is large enough to have a special HR sector, one of the HR staff could easily be the employee admin for the app.

The admin can use the app both from the mobile device and from the desktop computer.

The Content For the Employee App

Most or all of the documents in the company concerning the employees should find their place in the app. For instance, your company should have most or all of these documents concerning the employees:

1. Harassment Policy
2. Vacation & Sick Pay Agreement
3. Military Leave Policy
4. Smoking Policy
5. Internet & E-mail Policy (Liberal)
6. Cellphone Policy
7. Your Drug-Free Workplace
8. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
9. Employee Dress Code Policy- General
10. Workplace Safety Policy- for Employee
11. Employee Suggestion Policy

This may vary from US state to US state and from a country to a country, of course, but the essence is the same.

You may well have all these documents on your company site, in which case it is relatively easy to pull it in into the app. Or, you may have them as .DOC or PDF files, which is also a good option for including into the app.

You may also have a section about procedures, for instance, how to open a gym in the morning, how to close the shop in the night, what to do if a machine breaks down and so on.

Calendar, Schedules, Alerts, and Notifications

Whenever there is a new event in the company, the employee app proves itself useful. Each employee can see it in the calendar, adjust his or her schedules, receive alerts and notifications right on the their mobile device. With one or two taps they can acknowledge the receipt of the message or send their answer back.

An Employee App Simplifies Everything

Email, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, text messages, push notifications… there is a plethora of communications options today. All employees will have an email account but from there, most will diverge. Instead of creating messages across many channels (email, Viber, WhatsApp…) create just one message and mandate that the employees look there first.

Conversely, when the employee leaves the company, the employee admin will not have to chase various sites and exclude them from this or that Viber group, ban from Facebook forum and so on. One click is all it takes so that the employee stops receiving messages through the app.

Larger companies will have stronger need to implement higher levels of security within the app. If you want that, it is available and you will be at least one step further from being spied upon by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and other larger players in the Internet game.

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