Why Flutter is Superior For Mobile Apps Development

I develop with Flutter only and here is why:

Write once and deploy twice, on Android for its millions of users and on iOS for the money you can earn.

This can save a lot of development money if done right.

Advantages of Developing Apps in Flutter

Extremely Fast App Development – offers features such as HotLoad and HotRestart, speeding up the testing process for the programmer; bottom line, you get the app faster and pay it less.

Faster Running of Applications – it draws directly on the screen, which is not the case with React Native.

Reduced Efforts of Testing – you can test one source code and not have to test on Android separately and on iOS separately

Access of Native Features – Through socalled plugins Flutter code can access native code for Android and iOS, be it Java, Kotlin, Swift, or Objective C.

Excellent User Interfaces – dozens of visual vidgets – this is where Flutter bestes all other languages and framework for mobile design

Reactive Framework – which executes much faster than in React Native

Good for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) — it is possible to create a mock of the app first, in Flutter, then connect it with the databases and servers. This speeds up the creation of design and, later, apps significantly.

Disadvantages of Flutter

Need to learn a completly new framework (Flutter) and language (Dart)

Needs continuous support – but it has it, since Flutter is invented in Google

Limited libraries – the number of existing libraries is still smaller than for other languages

Not supported by web browsers – currently runs only on mobile operating systems Android and iOS.

If you want to develop a new app or revive an old app, click here to send me a message! Once I learn what kind of an app you want to have, I’ll return with a quote within a day.

Example Apps I Wrote in Flutter

Here is an example app TimeShare SellBOX in the App Store, I developed for a client using Flutter:


TimeShare SellBOX app written in Flutter

And here is another one called GibEnviro, in the Play Store. If you have an old app you need to revive and expand, then this article how I turned a legacy buzztouch.com app into Flutter may be of interest to you.


App GibEnviro in the Play Store

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