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“About Dusko Savic” page is kind of my business resume. For the whole of my life, I have been involved in something new, experimental, innovative, electronic and the like. I also write a lot. You can go to www.amazon.com and type in “dusko savic” and you will see at least two of my paper books still in there. Interestingly enough, my first three books were published in English by UK publishers, although English is not my mother’s tongue.

All in all I have written, published, marketed, and sold some 25 books of my own. For many years I also worked as a computing journalist and editor (I published more than 300 articles) and had about 70 appearances in various TV shows on computers (this was all from 1986 to 1990). I have also taken part in various radio shows on computers since 1994 to 2000. I do have a publishing company called “PC Program”, and from 1996-1999 it published 27 books about popular computer games, Windows, MS Office, Internet and the like. I stopped doing publishing in 1999.

Since 2003 I am active on the Internet and have quite a few of successful sites. All of my earning comes through the Internet for several years by now. I am now on this blog, because I find mobile apps to be engaging, exciting, and a true match for me as a designer, marketeer and software developer.

You can hire me to create you a mobile app for your site, as well as to add a mobile version to your already existing site.

To contact me personally, click here for my contact page.

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