Use pre Tag to Format Your PHP Code in WordPress Posts

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Taking advice from Writing Code in Your Posts, I am now using only the pre tag to fromat the PHP code in WordPress posts. It will look like this: if (isset($_POST[‘h_sys_submitted’])){ $h_sys = safeEscapeString($_POST[“h_sys_submitted”]); } else{ $h_sys = ”; } if (isset($_POST[‘asc_turned_to_submitted’])) { $asc_turned_to = safeEscapeString($_POST[“asc_turned_to_submitted”]); } else{ $asc_turned_to = ”; }

Change real_escape_string to mysqli_real_escape_string for Function safeEscapeString in PHP 7.0

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I often use function safeEscapeString from¬† in my PHP projects. It helps sustain the integrity of data coming to and from MySQL or similar database. However, if the code ran on PHP 5.4 or 5.6 at the highest, and I wanted it to run PHP 7.0, the latest and greatest version of PHP. When the […]